New Jack Blues

SirNature AlexZander

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This was SirNature's first CD, he call it, New Jack Blues, it's was the latest contemporary sound of Blues Music, created by SirNature AlexZander, It's a combination of all stylzs of music wrapped into one. Thus givin U, the listener, New Jack Blues.

SirNature Alexzander

"The Ultimate Journey" by: Chris Black

"New Jack Blues", is becoming another hot item on the blues circuit, after reaching the #1 most requested song on the chittlincircuit internet radio station, the hit single "Let's Party (like 1999} is becoming a club favorite. On April 5th, it was debuted in Lorain Ohio, as a hit or miss, overwhelmingly "HIT", callers were giving it two thumbs up, and cd sales are beginning to soar. SirNature has been asked to do a re-mix of Let's Party for the internet station, and after playin a sample for the station manager and owner Chico Jackson, he was egarly excited, "I love it SirNature, print it and send it now". SirNature is colaborating with musical diva, Ms. Patricia C., of Ohio who's adding her soulful flava to the song...more info to follow when it hits the airways...

SirNature calls this one, Southern Soul Funk, a cross between Minneapolis Funk and Southern Soul Blues. SirNature Alexzander, a native of Mavico Alabama has been on a never ending journey throughout his exciting career. A high school athletic stand out in football, basketball, and track, music and dancing was his first love, as He spent the majority of his life in Minneapolis Minnesota. And now he's evolved from Rappin and dancing in the late eighties, to a hold new sound for blues in the New Millieneum "New Jack Blues"

Blues music, like most other forms of music, has been around for centuries, and has evolved throughout the years. There is a passage in the Bible thath speaks of each generation having musical expressions that reflects their time. If this is the case then get ready baby boomers for a Soulful style of Blues Music. SirNature Alexzander of Mavico, Alabama, as reflected in his first single from the New jack Blues CD, "Let's Party", is no stranger to the music industry, and has created a sound that he labels as Southern Soul Funk. Southern Soul Funk is a combination of RnB rhythms, Jazz riffs, Reggae funk, Hip Hop beats, Blues lyrics and cutting edge vocals. SirNature believes that Southern Soul Funk will take the airways by storm, and radio stations all across the world will dedicate a segment of their programming to This is His New Sound, "Southern Soul Funk".

SirNature has done several musical productions over his career in entertainment which includes, a Rap song and dance craze call “The Prep” in the late eighties on then excel records of Minneapolis, check out the video at, and coming soon, He recorded an album called “Who Am I”. He was a dancer and choreographer in the big hit movie “Purple Rain” as well as the opportunity to tour with Prince. He's appeared on the eighties hit dance show "Dance Fever", representing Minnesota, He’s produce 6 gospel CD's, an R&B project with Prince’s former personal assistant Mocha Ya Ya, titled "Mocha Ya Ya Un-Taymed".

SirNature has a long list of credits in the music industry, and has performed with some great entertainers, including Bill Cosby, the late great Ray Charles, Prince, Alexander O’Neil, the late great Roger Troutman, Weird Al, and just debuted his style in Alabama at the Montgomery Collisum on Feb. 16th 08,among the legends of the blues world were Millie Jackson, Bobby Rush, Willie Clayton, Shirley Brown, and others. SirNature stunned the crowd with his dazzling stage presence and smooth dance moves along with a soulful but bluesy sound in his music. Over 10,000 people shouted and screamed, "Let's Party", as they called him the new kid on the block.
He was Minnesota’s No. 1 break dance instructor in the mid eighties, pop, lock, and drop it like its hot! performed a break dance exhibition for over five thousand people in the streets of St. Paul Mn., that captured a spot on "Ripley's believe it or not", and good morning America, he's performed at the Chinese Main Theatre in L.A. for the Purple Rain Party with Prince, He's also wrote and produce a short film titled "Mary Ann" (the incident) as an independent film maker. a Gospel television show that previewed on a local NBC station in Waterloo Iowa, an a very popular television show in Minneapolis called "Twin City Beats". Yes SirNature is deafinetly old school, with a new school sound.

SirNature's first blues cd is truly a work of art. With titles that take you back like, “Memory Lane”, “JO’D’, “Do You Need Luv’N”, "Slo Jam", "Let's Party" and more. There’s even a bluesy Prince kind of tune, "U R So Bu T Ful. So get ready peeps, there’s a new "Sir" coming to town and he’s guaranteed to deliver. SirNature Alexzander, "Hear The Music", "Feel The Power", "Enjoy The Ride", Hey Ms. Sexie Thang a new release on LaVision Records.
Hey SirNature; can you still dance?

SirNature Alexzander’s "Southern Soul Funk" Single at all digital downloads stores now, ask for it by name, Hey Ms Sexie Thang. chat with sirnature, us


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