Mocha Ya Ya Un-Taymed

Mocha Ya Ya

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This CD like most Independent Companies, have never reach it's full potential due to a lack of promotional funds. I'm sure you'll find it's contents very well produced and arranged. Please go Itunes or Amazon or Cd Baby and download Mocha's music.


Mocha Ya Ya set sails to China

Mocha Ya Ya will be on an extensive tour of European Countries. Including, China, Japan, Europe, Austraila, Africa, and Germany. Begining September 3rd 2006 Mocha will begin her journey in Hong Kong, City of Hunan!

We will have her Itenarary finalized this Fall.

Now is the time to get her Freshman CD "Moacha Ya Ya Un-Taymed" and look for her live in concert in a City near you!

Former Prince Assistant Extends Her Talent...

Mocha Ya Ya "Un-Taymed" is the debut album featuring the soulful songbird, Kym (Mocha Ya Ya) Johnson. Mocha hails from Minneapolis Minnesota and has performed with many great musicians from America's premier music capital.

Mocha's music is an expression of Love, Funk, and Spirit filled party rhythms. The album was written arranged and produced by SirNature Alexzander, who also produces the all new top 20 count down show for Independent recording artists call "Twin City Beats" ( in minneapolis. SirNature teamed up with Mocha to bring soulful and meaningful music back to the people.

Colaborating with Prince's former drummer and long time friend Kirk Johnson of KAJ Productions, they put Mocha in a field of her own dreams that came true. Mocha was Prince's personal assistant, and SirNature worked with Prince in the middle 80s, and appeared as a dancer in the hit movie "Purple Rain". This team was no stranger to the entertainment world and now you can experience the difference.

Mocha has performed with the likes of Alexander O'neil, Larry Grahm, Chaka Khan, Kelly Price, The Time, Prince and many others. She has captured the Twin Cities with great delight, and now, extends herself to the world! Her versitility and unique personallity will keep you captivated.

You will find this CD ex-hilarating, emotional and spiritual all in one. Mocha's vocals will take you from one end of the spectrum to the other. Mocha performed all vocals for her freshman project except on Spirit Of Love wher she brought in her sister's "BKS" (Best Kept Secret) to work with her..Lets explore Mocha Ya Ya Un-Taymed.

Her riviting vocals on "The Way You Make Me Feel", will keep you groving with a bass line constantly driving you to groove, breaking into a reggae rap by the Ragga Muffin Lover "Jah Bee" accented with lushes motown background vocals. can you say, (Lets Cut A Jig).

"Day Dreaming" is a smooth R&B ride for all seasons, its Neo Soul with a touch of jazz will brighten up your day while thinking about the one you be daydreaming about. Then theres the soulful standard "In Love With You", wonderful jazzy vocals, smooth backgrounds, and a ripping guitar that takes you on a Santana high, so wrap Her or Him up, turn down the lights and let the games begin...But be warned,

"I Wanna Get Nex To U" is not for the weak, a classic Minneapolis sound with sexy overtures,screaming rock guitar and a reality check, listen at your own risk if you can handle it. As Morris Day would say "What Time Is It".

Then there's the throw back, "Baby Dont Cry" a lovely Motown like track, filled with heart warming vocals, soulful backgrounds, and a strong message, Woman to Woman, Woman to Man..or Man to Woman...What ever..It's time to make that CHANGE, like Smokey Robison said: Baby Baby Dont Cry, are you wit Me?

OK Lets keep on trucking, "No More Lies", We've had enough of your silly love games, It's time to change..if U want to be with Me! Oh but let us not stop now..."The Spirit Of Love", a song motivated by the trials of our youth, featuring "Best Kept Secret"...let us not give up on the future, keep spreading love...The Spirit Of Love..

"Water Under Bridges" you hurt me, treated me bad, but now I'm full circle and nothing you can say or do will stop me from reaching the top..because I'm going to make it, "I Am All Woman" and I will survive. And finally "Makin love To You" when you get a good man, "I mean A Good Man",the song speaks for its self...

Mocha loves Yoga, Aerobic exercise, and teaching African Amercan Dance and theatre at an arts school in St.Paul, Minneapolis.. Her stage performance is high energy, and is truly reminissant of Tina Turner..If you dont have this CD...You've GOTTA Get this CD...And You've got to experience Mocha Ya Ya,live in concert...Mocha is saying it loud and clear...Here I Am...Want Some...Then Bring Some...Feel The Power...Enjoy The Ride...Come And Get It..Mocha Ya Ya "Un-Taymed"...See C U @ Da Cross+Roads......Hey give Mocha a shout>> E-Mail:

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